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THE ANGELS OF WAR  •  Can Four Brave Young Women Stop a War?

"Isbouts places the reader right in the thick of the action."

Rebecca Hitt, Stories in my Pocket

Angels of War Front Cover_08.25.20 copy.

THE ANGELS OF WAR is a riveting World War I novel, inspired by true events, of four brave young women—British, American and Canadian –who operate an improvised medical post near the trenches of Flanders.

FLANDERS, March 1915. Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm, both avid members of the British Motor Gypsy Club, volunteer for service in the Flying Ambulance Corps, created by Major Hector Munro to spirit the wounded from the Flanders battlefields to field hospitals in the rear. The two young women are joined by Lady Dorothy Fielding, the wife of the Earl of Denbigh, and a beautiful, 22-year old American nurse, Helen Gleason.


But mere weeks after their deployment to Flanders, they discover the awful truth: what's killing the soldiers is not their injuries, but the horrendous, three-mile drive over unpaved, rutted roads to the rear. When the British Army Medical Corps refuses to acknowledge the problem, the four women take matters into their own hands - by setting up their own, unauthorized dressing station right on the front line.


For the next three years, they battle not only German artillery and gas attacks, but also the British military establishment itself, determined to "put these women in their place" and shut down their post. Only by virtue of their heroism do the "Four Angels of Pervyse" persevere, aided by a local nobleman, Baron de T'Serclaes, who has deeply and irrevocably fallen in love with Elsie.


Inspired by true characters and events, THE ANGELS OF WAR is a riveting and deeply moving saga of love, passion and bravery in the midst of some of the worst carnage the world has ever seen. Angels in Flanders is written by best-selling author and award-winning screenwriter Jean-Pierre Isbouts.

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