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To mark Holy Week in 2020, when most churches were closed because of the pandemic, Jean-Pierre hosted a series of video podcasts tracing the life of Jesus from his early years in Nazareth to his Passion in Jerusalem. See the full series on the Footsteps Podcasts page.

A Scientific Discovery in the Abbey of Tongerlo

Jean-Pierre Isbouts talks about the multispectral imaging project at the Last Supper canvas in Tongerlo, which was widely covered in the European media.

Jean-Pierre on the "Today" Show

Jean-Pierre appeared on a recent edition of the NBC "Today" show with NBC correspondent Keir Simmons

"Ten Prayers" Wins Best Book Award


 Ten Prayers that Changed the World (Random House), Jean-Pierre's critically acclaimed book about ten men and women who changed the course of history, was awarded the "Best Spirituality Book" of the year.

Travel with Jean-Pierre Around the World


Visit the Speaking page with Jean-Pierre's latest presentations on a great variety of topics, at venues around the world.

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