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To mark Holy Week in 2020, when most churches were closed because of the pandemic, Jean-Pierre hosted a series of video podcasts tracing the life of Jesus from his early years in Nazareth to his Passion in Jerusalem. See the full series on the Footsteps Podcasts page.

A Scientific Discovery in the Abbey of Tongerlo

Jean-Pierre Isbouts talks about the multispectral imaging project at the Last Supper canvas in Tongerlo, which was widely covered in the European media.

Jean-Pierre on the "Today" Show

Mapping the Holy Land.jpg
"Mapping the Holy Land"
Coming Soon


"Mapping the Holy Land" (Apollo Publishers), a fascinating overview

of the Holy Land as seen in Christian, Jewish and Muslim maps from Roman times to the political tensions of today,

will be published later this year. Order your copy using this link.

Jean-Pierre appeared on a recent edition of the NBC "Today" show with NBC correspondent Keir Simmons

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