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THE STORY OF CHRISTIANITY • A Chronicle of Christian Civilization

This richly detailed book offers a fascinating overview of the pervasive impact of Christian ideas on the human condition—in the realm of ethics, society, culture, politics, science, and respect for human dignity. 

Throughout the  upheavals of history, these ideas would inspire not only the world’s great cathedrals and magnificent works of art, literature and music, but also the rise of laws, schools, universities, libraries, and hospitals with which mankind slowly emerged from its Dark Ages to usher in the modern era.


Beginning with the story of Jesus' life, author Isbouts expertly sets key turning points in the story of Christianity in context, from the conversion of Constantine to Martin Luther's protest; from the Crusades to the ministry of Mother Teresa. Using the dramatic art and architecture of the Christian faith as visual touchpoints and highlighting inspiring quotes and stories with resonance to the modern era, Isbouts writes with a deep respect for both Catholic and Protestant traditions and provides an excellent introduction to the complex and compelling world of the Christian faith.


Lavishly illustrated with over 400 art works, archaeological objects, prints and stunning location photography, this book also features 32 all-new detailed maps on subjects ranging from the Crusades to the Age of Exploration and the colonization of the New World. Written in the highly accessible narrative style that has made Prof. Isbouts one of National Geographic's top authors, this books tells the amazing two-thousand-year story of the greatest human experiment in history.


Released on November 8, 2014, this book is now available from local bookstores, Amazon or direct from National Geographic.


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