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"If you love art and history, this is an excellent read that you’re sure to enjoy. It’s well-researched and engaging."

Manhattan Book Review

 “This read elegantly separates the work and legacy from the man of mystery, and in doing so provides an enjoyable stroll through some of the highlights of art history."


“This book really delivers it all, showing how Da Vinci was seen in his day as compared to his peers …If you’re a fan of Da Vinci, DO NOT miss this biography!!”


The Da Vinci Legacy

How did Leonardo, a painter of few works who died in obscurity in France while overshadowed by his rivals Michelangelo and Raphael, become the celebrity that he is today?  What propelled the incredible arc of his unlikely fame to make him the highest selling artist, with Salvator Mundi selling for nearly half a billion dollars?

The Da Vinci Legacy is the first book to unravel this mystery by taking an immersive journey through the art, literature, science, and politics of Europe—from the Renaissance to today.

Visit the official Legacy Website for videos and more

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