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“Isbouts (humanities, Fielding Graduate Univ.; The Biblical World) has written an exquisite reference guide to the personalities in the Bible…. This well-researched and well-organized work will complement what is already on your shelf.”

Jacqueline Parascandola, Columbia University Libraries

This vibrant family reference brings to life the fascinating characters of the Old and New Testaments. From the fall of Adam and Eve to Judas's betrayal of Jesus, the key events of the Bible are expressed through the lives of hundreds of people.

Each of the five chapters begins with a comprehensive historical overview that sets the stage for the events and characters that follow, and detail the political and historical forces at play in the events described. In true National Geographic fashion, exquisite art and artifacts, informative maps, intriguing text and unique family tree features are the threads that tie this illuminating volume together.


With over 2,000 entries, WHO’S WHO IN THE BIBLE is an authoritative and engaging reference source, and a thoughtful gift for any religion or history buff.


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