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THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE BIBLE  •  Now Available from National Geographic

"Isbouts weighs the culture of ancient times against more modern thinking.”  Publisher's Weekly

This richly illustrated book is among the first to offer a sweeping overview of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the last few decades, which have revolutionized our understanding of ancient Israel, Egypt, and Roman Judea in the time of Jesus.


Using the principal Bible stories—from Genesis to the Gospels—as its framework, the book offers fascinating insights that allow us to re-imagine life in biblical times as never before, while prompting many new ideas about the human history of the Ancient Near East.


Fully rooted in modern scholarship, the book is a unique source of discovery for all readers interested in the history, archaeology and exploration of the lands of the Bible, regardless of their faith tradition or background.      

From ancient holy sites, to buried relics and treasures, National Geographic uncovers the history and the archaeological discoveries from Scripture and the biblical world. Richly illustrated and written from an objective and nondenominational perspective, author Jean-Pierre Isbouts uses the latest scientific and archaeological discoveries to place biblical stories in the framework of human history.

Six principal Chapters, beginning with the dawn of human civilization and ending with present day and the future of archaeology, chronicle hundreds of sites and artifacts found in Sumer, Babylon, the Second Temple, along the route of the Exodus, and in many other regions across the Middle East. Timelines bridge hundreds of years and several empires, maps give readers a visual sense of location, while hundreds of photos and illustrations of rare artifacts and ancient places add to the visual splendor.

The book concludes with details of what remains to be found and the evolving dynamic of biblical faith in an increasingly scientific world in which archaeologists make daily breakthroughs

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